About Me

Hey, riley here! I'm a queer artist & wild animal from the woods of North Carolina. A few of y'all might know me from Twitter as @gutmunchies. I shitpost a lot.

I want to tell raw stories about queer characters living and loving and suffering and surviving together. Mostly, I draw pictures; sometimes I write. Now I'm dipping my toes into game dev too. Whatever the medium, I want to capture the pain and joy of existing in a world that doesn't always give us a fair shake.

If you like what I do and want to see more, tell me! I don't currently have a patreon or anything like that, but hearing from folks who like my work gives me life.

Recent Updates

— Myriad Mirror is here

Like, right here.

I've archived the San Sibilia arc and I'm planning on posting future updates here. The long term plan is to develop some kind of tooling to automate posting new updates to Cohost & Tumblr with links back to the originals.

— Yet another site refresh...

(blows a thick layer of dust off this thing)

Hey, y'all. I've been working on a new iteration of the site! For now, everything is vanilla flavored, but expect new and exciting things (i.e. shitty vintage gifs and garish colors) in the near future. Honestly, though, I think the plain look has a certain charm of its own.

Some links have changed for Maximum Aesthetic in preparation for the new overhaul, but I've done my best to make sure old links will redirect to their new locations.

I've also removed the art gallery because I was not happy with the system I had in place. I need to figure out a better system. In the mean time, you can still find my art elsewhere.

— New site: actually launched

The new site is live! Still missing a lot of stuff, but I'm working on it.

— New site!

Brand new website design! Now with more focus on my non-code projects! It's still under construction at the moment, but in the future it'll be a repository of most if not all of my creative output — at least the stuff I'm actually proud enough to acknowledge.