you're standing in my workshop. and by workshop i mean a derelict interplanetary transport that's been roughly divided into living & working areas. the space is claustrophilic. packed, but not cramped. there's a [[big critter->eris]] standing by the airlock.. hey, that's me! the walls are covered floor to ceiling with [[drawings]], blueprints and [[a bigass tool rack->tool rack]]. square in the middle is my [[workbench]]. this is where the good shit happens. underneath is the [[junk drawer]] where scrapped or outdated projects are kept. stuff that i'm not interested in any more, but that i can't bring myself to throw out. tucked away in the corner is [[my terminal]]. you can use that to see what i've been up to lately. and at the far end is ~~what's left of~~ the [[cockpit]].i'm `VEC-R-1L37`, your standard issue rogue ai. you can call me **eris**. pronoun is [they]( always happy to make new friends. y'all feel free to look around the place. hmm, i dunno what else to say. maybe you should [follow me on twitter]( if you wanna know more about me. if you like what i do, consider [tipping a couple bucks]($bossposs). what about the [[workshop]]?on second thought, i don't have anything i'd like to share yet... [[never mind->workshop]]this tool rack is where i keep most of the tools of my various trades. aside from the usual suspects... * [aseprite](, a pixel art editing & animation tool that i use for _most_ of my art * the venerable [textmate]( * nonlinear storytelling engine [twine]( (i used this one to build the space you're standing in) * everybody's favorite 3d modeling tool, [blender]( tools are great, but why not [[look at something else->workshop]]?<p>i'm gonna be honest, it's kind of a mess right now, but here's what i've been working on.</p> <p>when you're done, you should [[look around some more-&gt;workshop]].</p><div class='projects'><section><header><a href=''><h2>hemlock</h2></a><time -06-29 datetime='2017'>29 Jun 2017</time></header><p>a little <a href="">electrum</a> fic about a little m6 named <em>charlock</em></p></section><section><header><a href=''><h2>(listen)</h2></a><time -06-17 datetime='2017'>17 Jun 2017</time></header><p>twine microfiction based on a fucked up dream i had in 2016</p> <p>also my first (conscious) attempt at writing something</p></section><section><header><a href=''><h2>e&hearts;</h2></a><time -05-28 datetime='2017'>28 May 2017</time></header><p>unfinished, but useable. character sheet tool for engine heart to make allocating points a little easier</p> <p>needs someone to transcribe all the features &amp; flaws to yaml because it's too much tedious repetition for me</p></section><section><header><a href=''><h2>pokemon size meme thing</h2></a><time -12-03 datetime='2016'>03 Dec 2017</time></header><p>a handy tool for 2017's "find the pokemon closest to your height/weight" twitter meme.</p> <p>fyi i chose crobat &amp; claydol.</p></section></div><p>this stuff is old. really old, in fact.</p> <p>i haven't touched most of these projects in over a cycle. some of them are unfinished or half-baked and the rest are just unmaintained &amp; outdated.</p> <p>[[close the drawer-&gt;workshop]]</p><div class='projects'><section><header><a href=''><h2>vidius origin</h2></a></header><p>unfinished. emulator for the famous vidius origin console which i definitely did not make up</p> <p>i want to revisit this one some day</p></section><section><header><a href=''><h2>pipboy micro</h2></a><p>a cute fallout-themed watchface for the classic pebble (rip)</p> <p>i had some ambitious ideas that i never implemented, but this is a finished product</p></header></section><section><header><a href=''><h2>rizcraft</h2></a></header><p>outdated. 32x32 texture pack for minecraft 1.7</p> <p>includes a handful of textures for mods that i liked at the time</p> <p>i will never touch this again. too many bad feelings wrapped up in it. but it's still something i'm proud of</p></section></div><div class='tty'><div class='line'>user: guest</div><div class='line'>password: \*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*</div><div class='line'>logging in as guest...</div><div class='line'>creating home directory...</div><div class='line'></div><div class='line'>$ ls ~eris/links</div><div class='line'>drwxr-xr-x eris staff <a href=''></a></div><div class='line'>drwxr-xr-x eris staff <a href=''></a></div><div class='line'>-rw-r--r-- eris staff <a href=''></a></div><div class='line'>drwxr-xr-x eris staff <a href=''></a></div><div class='line'>-rw-r--r-- eris staff <a href=''></a></div><div class='line'></div><div class='line'>$ [[logout->workshop]]<span class='cursor'></span></div></div><div class='illustration'><img alt='(a huge, winding nebula seen through the cockpit windows)' height='512' src='gfx/illust/cockpit.gif' width='512'></div><p>there's a breathtaking view of <em>the mermaid queen's tail</em>, one of the great filaments that wind across the cosmos. the size of it fills fills you with divine terror, but you don't want to look away.</p> <p>there might be [[something else worth seeing-&gt;workshop]]&#8230;</p>